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The New Steelers Mascot Is FABULOUS

The Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers. They stand for might. They stand for strength. They stand for hard-working, old-fashioned, American blue-collar values. They stand for ... Steely McBeam!

Yes, the Steelers' new mascot is actually named Steely McBeam. They had a huge fan contest ... and that won. Steeler fans, prepare for an identity crisis.

The name and the character may take some getting used to. But move over Stevie Steeler and The Terrible Fan: The mascot named yesterday as part of the 75th anniversary season of the Steelers is ... Steely McBeam.

It almost felt like the football gods were frowning yesterday at the Steelers' training camp on this break from tradition — What's next? A steel-toed drill team? — but it turned out to be nothing more than a few raindrops and the rumble of distant afternoon thunder.


Many have pointed out the mascot looks vaguely like former Steelers coach Bill Cowher ... but go ahead and call Cowher "Steely McBeam," we dare you.

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