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The New Thing Teens Are Doing Is Called The "Mannequin Challenge"

Teens: They’re annoying, but we turn to them for the newest cool trend, then mangle and repurpose it until someone works it into a boring ad campaign three months after everyone’s moved on. The latest entry in cool things by teens is the “mannequin challenge.”

The challenge requires a group of people to pose and stay completely still while a person with a camera walks around and weaves through the entire scene to show every piece of it. The more creative the frozen pose, the better. It requires the coordination of a flash mob, but is far less obnoxious.


This high school baseball team gets high marks for the kid hanging onto the fence at about 0:26:

Here’s a high school football team, with one kid showing off his abs:


Here’s a non-sports sample that’s great:


Michigan football pulled one off:


The Pittsburgh Steelers put together one today:


If you’re impressed and entertained, Select All has some more of these to watch.

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