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The New York Islanders Will Have A Party To Celebrate The Bloody Low Point Of Last Season

Undeterred by that whole Probably Moving to Kansas City thing, the Islanders are throwing a party at Champions Sports Bar in Uniondale, NY to celebrate the goriest night of last night's hockey season.

In that game, the teams combined for 65 penalties, 346 penalty minutes, and ten ejections. The Isles got fined $100k. There was even a goalie fight, too! This game also made Penguins owner-cum-legend Mario Lemieux, the man who signs Matt Cooke's paychecks, get all preachy. (We didn't take a side in this debate, although we'd note that North American hockey has a rich goon tradition.)


But the Islanders are proud of what happened! So much so that they'll celebrate the whole thing with cheap beer, tepid pizza, and raffles! From the Islanders' web site:

The night of February 11, 2011 was memorable for Isles fans.

Whether you were in the stands at the Coliseum or watching on TV, you were on your feet through all the ruckus cheering for the Islanders to beat the Penguins.

On Friday August 19th, MSG Plus will re-air the game and we want the fans to join us for a viewing party at Champions.

If nothing else, this proves, once again, that the Islanders are the most lovably rinky-dink franchise in pro sports. Remember fans, use #Never4GetThatGameThatGotUsFined100k to tweet about the event!

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