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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The New York Knicks Continue To Fill Their Big Baby Diapers With Poo Over NY Daily News Reports

Illustration for article titled The New York Knicks Continue To Fill Their Big Baby Diapers With Poo Over iNY Daily News/i Reports
Photo: Rick Diamond (Getty)

After the New York Daily News published an astonishing but routinely reported story on New York Knicks owner James Dolan’s ongoing and legally protracted feud with Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and the city of Inglewood—which concerns Ballmer’s proposed new arena and how it would compete with an existing arena in the city that Dolan owns—the Knicks once again threw an embarrassing hissy fit. Instead of responding to a standard request for comment about facts in the story, the team released a statement alleging a personal vendetta attributed to a disgruntled employee, which inexplicably included head shots of both the Daily News editor and the CEO of the Daily News’s parent company. This all comes less than a month after the Knicks were fined by the NBA for trying to ban Daily News reporters from press events.


The statement is exactly as bizarre as it sounds.


The full Daily News story—based on lawsuit depositions in which Dolan admitted he funneled $1 million to a nut job Inglewood mayoral candidate he didn’t even know and that his company, MSG, was funding lawsuits filed by some sham “community group,” both in efforts to block Ballmer’s stadium—is worth a read, but the bigger story here, as always, is the Knicks’ unbeatable ability to make any situation impossibly more embarrassing for themselves. Go Nets.

Reporter at Deadspin.

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