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Even without mixed drinks, it sends mixed signals. A year ago, Leyritz was found innocent of felony manslaughter, but guilty of DUI in a 2007 crash.


This year, Leyritz has been the pitching coach of the independent Newark Bears—an anonymous group made only slightly less so by outfielder Daryle Ward and manager Tim Raines—and the team will send him off on Thursday with a special bash. explains:

The team is sending off departing pitching coach Jim Leyritz, who was acquitted of DUI manslaughter in November, with a $2,000 donation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Which seems like a nice gesture. But they're doing it on the night of their weekly beer pong tournament.


Now, we didn't even know the Newark Bears had a weekly beer pong tournament, an event that seems like an odd choice for a professional sporting franchise. Even one that plays in Newark. (Don't you guys have any respect for the childhoods of Nathan Zuckerman and Swede Levov?) We suppose that could be fun, especially in a sea of mediocre baseball. But we're fairly certain a night that attempts to atone for its honoree's liquor-based sins ought not to have a 'Ruit table too.

Politi: Newark Bears donate $2,000 to M.A.D.D. ... on Beer Pong Night []

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