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The NFL Can Force These Eight Teams To Appear On Hard Knocks

After the NFL and HBO had a devil of a time finding a team to agree to be on Hard Knocks, owners passed a new rule. Now the league can force a team to admit HBO cameras into their training camp unless that team a)has a new head coach, b)made the playoffs in one of the previous two seasons, or c)already appeared on the show in the last 10 years.


Well into the playoffs, and with all the coach firings completed, we can now figure out which teams are exempt from appearing on next year's edition. Thankfully we don't have to! Reader Ryan did the dirty work.

The NFL can force these teams to appear on Hard Knocks in 2014:


In case you're wondering why each of the remaining 24 are safe, Ryan showed his work. (Thanks, Ryan!) Remember, any of these franchises could still choose to be on Hard Knocks, they can't be forced into it.

Bengals (playoffs/previous appearance)
Broncos (playoffs)
Browns (coach)
Buccaneers (coach)
Chargers (playoffs)
Chiefs (playoffs/previous appearance)
Colts (playoffs)
Cowboys (previous appearance)
Dolphins (previous appearance)
Eagles (playoffs)
Falcons (playoffs)
49ers (playoffs)
Jets (previous appearance)
Lions (coach)
Packers (playoffs)
Panthers (playoffs)
Patriots (playoffs)
Ravens (playoffs)
Redskins (playoffs/coach)
Saints (playoffs)
Seahawks (playoffs)
Texans (playoffs/coach)
Titans (coach)
Vikings (playoffs/coach)

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