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The NFL Chases Down Itself

So here's a fun game. Last month, a Brooklyn law professor posted the NFL's "express written consent" copyright notice thing to YouTube. The NFL, being the NFL, asked YouTube to take it down, which is kind of funny, actually.

But it gets better. The law professor counterpetitioned — and we're sorry Deadspin is using the word "counterpetition" today — YouTube, saying the clip fell under fair use, and YouTube agreed, in a rare moment of being reasonable in these matters. The NFL, being the NFL again, demanded that the video (a copyright notification video, we might add) be taken down, which, as it turns out, was actually illegal.


We don't understand the law of these matters, but we do enjoy watching the NFL run around in circles. We want someone to post a video of an NFL lawyer filing a counterpetition and put it on YouTube, just to make our heads explode.

Is The NFL Abusing Copyright Law? [The Fanhouse]

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