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The NFL Fandom Map Of America, According To Twitter

We've seen this based on Facebook likes, but now Twitter's data team has released released its own interactive NFL fandom map: who each county in America roots for, based on the number of users who follow the team's official account.

The real gold here is in the sortable aspects. You should spend some time playing around with the interactive map below, but two cool things you can do are:

  1. Compare any two teams, and see their relative support throughout the nation. That way you can identify the dividing line between, say, Broncos and Patriots countries.
  2. Look at the map of America's second-favorite NFL teams. When fans don't root for the local team, who do they root for? (A lot of Steelers, Packers, and Cowboys, but not as much as you might think.)

Anyway, go nuts. And as usual, report any interesting findings in the comments.

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