The NFL Sells A Photo Of Marshawn Lynch's "Obscene" Gesture For $150

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The NFL fined Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for grabbing his dick and now says they may penalize the team yardage if the Seahawks running back pulls an M.J. during the Super Bowl. But the league's distaste for "hold my dick" stopped once they realized they could make money on Lynch's johnson, as evidenced by this item for sale in the NFL Shop.


Yes, for just $149.95 you can own a collage of photos from this year's NFC Championship game, including a frame of Lynch grabbing his crotch. Actually, you can't own it—they've all sold out (it was a limited edition of 100). NFL hypocrisy isn't even surprising anymore, and we'd love to hear them explain away this officially licensed product.

h/t to Demetrios