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Hoo boy. Notice how every broadcaster has come down so hard on the replacement refs? But it only really seemed to start in Week 2? This is not a coincidence.

Fox color analyst John Lynch was on The Dan Patrick Show this morning and said that broadcasters were told before Week 1 to ease up on the league and the scabs since the deal with the real refs was almost done. Then, as you might have noticed, the deal didn't happen. "They duped us like everybody else," said Lynch:

LYNCH: I know Week 1 the league kind of duped every network and called and said, 'Hey we're close to a deal so have your guys go easy.' And so that was kind of the edict from up top: Go easy on these guys.

PATRICK: I did not hear that. You guys were told that a deal was imminent, so don't be critical of what you see, the product?

LYNCH: Yeah, not telling us not to say anything? But just be careful because the deal is close. And then they duped us like everybody else. And so the next week it was take the gloves off, say whatever you want. And we have.


Has the league managed to not offend anyone yet?

Audio is here:

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