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The NHL's Vegas Team Name Announcement Was A Mess

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The previously unnamed Las Vegas NHL team held an event tonight and revealed that they will henceforth be known as the Vegas Golden Knights. Owner Bill Foley and commissioner Gary Bettman talked a bunch and eventually made the announcement, but there wasn’t much suspense, as the pool had already been narrowed down to four names and the “Golden Knights” moniker leaked earlier this afternoon.

It’s a perfectly fine nickname and the team has a cool logo. However, the spectacle of the announcement was far more interesting than what was announced today, because of all the shit that went wrong. A video montage that played before the announcement started off with a clip of Bettman, before veering into a lovely placeholder screen. Foley said, “We’re gonna do better in the rink, I’ll tell you that.”


The team’s website also inadvertently went live before the formal announcement.


However, my favorite part of the whole reveal was Clark County’s ongoing struggle to craft a competent tweet bragging the team on the team’s new name. Here’s attempt Number 1.

Wrong league

Maybe try that again?

Drop that article


Anyway, if you want to know more about the Golden Knights, or what their colors represent, they have a ton of information on their site.

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