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The NLDS ... After Dark!

It's difficult, even for a Cardinals fan, to find much joy in these late-night Diamondback shellackings of the Cubs. A team that was outscored for the season is dominating a fellow division champion. Fortunately, the games have been too late for any children to see the carnage.

The Cubs fans are already tossing out the buzzwords.

In a five game series, anything can happen. It just doesn't look like "anything" will consist of a Cubs win on the road this time around. Right now my emotions are ranging between disappointed and antagonized, and I have to admit, I've already started thinking about next year a little bit.


That's the pluck we like to see! Heck, maybe Mark Prior can be a key piece of the run. The Cubs do have the advantage of facing the 90-year-old Livan Hernandez in Wrigley on Saturday. We suggest having Ditka sing the seventh-inning stretch again. Can't hurt.

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