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The Official Deadspin Youth T-Ball League Is Back After Rainouts And A Bout With Pink Eye

The children of Rick from suburban Boston helped us with a little video project last spring. In return, we agreed to sponsor their T-ball league. Throughout the season, we will chronicle the league's exploits.


It's been a few weeks since our most recent update, a delay Rick attributed to the weather and "a team-wide bout of pink eye." Er, yuck? Thankfully, Rick spared us the rest of the details except to say there was some inevitable rust apparent when our young charges again took the field:

The players were all excited to be back trying to hit swinging bunts for home runs. And the effects of the layoff led to no additional injuries, nor did the time off lead to any finger-pointing or belly-aching about playing time, since everyone gets to play.

Rick was relieved to report that every player is healthy heading into next week's season finale.

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