We've all been there before: kicked out of an amateur soccer game and so pissed off at the ref we hop in our car, drive onto the field, and try to run that bastard down. Wait, no, that's insane.

One such man who thought it was a good idea to attempt some vehicular homicide was 28-year-old amateur British soccer player Joseph Rimmer of sunny Southport, England. It's your standard Crazy Person Tries To Run Over Someone With A Car story, really. Rimmer attempted to hit David Harkness, but

The referee was able to get out the way of the oncoming car and was not harmed in the incident.

But it is understood Rimmer then got out his car and shouted threats at him before driving away.

I'm sure he felt much better after shouting those threats. Blowing off some steam in a healthy manner is a really good way to reduce stress and prevent unfortunate incidents from happening. Rimmer is currently out on bail but strictly prohibited from driving onto any more soccer fields and trying to fucking kill somebody. At least the prosecution is setting some boundaries.

Red-carded footballer drove onto pitch and tried to run over referee [Liverpool Echo, via]


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