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The One Lonely UCLA Fan

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There's something we absolutely love about this picture. No matter how well your team's doing, no matter how much fun your friends are having at the game, no matter how young you are and no matter how full of possibilities the planet might seem ... sometimes, when you're having a bad day, you're having a bad day.

Western Kentucky tried to sneak up on UCLA last night and darned near pulled it off, but the real news was Louisville, which blasted Tennessee and looked like a team that couldn't possibly have lost to Seton Hall. The only team that looked better than them was ... well, North Carolina, which, by their standards in this tournament, slacked off by only winning by 21.


We are sad, however, to see Joe Alexander and West Virginia gone. With a little more eccentricity and Jamiroquai style, he coulda been the next Pittsnogle.

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