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The One Question To Ask The Commissioner Of The Big 12

Here's the commissioner of the Big 12, Bob Bowlsby, owning the absolute shit out of what's become the NCAA deadenders' Marxism of convenience:

"I think if we ever go down the path of creating an employee-employer relationship, we will have forever lost our way," Bowlsby said. "… If you apply any form of the labor theory of value, that is to say the work that goes into something is determinant of the cost, football and basketball players don't work any harder than any other athletes. They don't work harder than swimmers. They don't work harder than field hockey players. They don't work harder than wrestlers. They just happen to have the blessing of an adoring public."


Bowlsby makes something in the vicinity of $1.8 million a year. I will buy a leather-bound edition of Das Kapital for any reporter who asks him at his next public appearance, "So do you think you work harder than your secretary?"

Update: I'll be damned:


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