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Big Ben Knows What Girls Want

Via Dave:

At dinner last night. One of the guys there used send his son to work "security" at Steelers camp (this was 3 years ago when kid was still in high school). Security basically means driving players around in golf carts. Kid notices that Ben hits on every girl he meets. His go-to line was: "You got a boyfriend" "Yes" "Well maybe you should have a Man-friend" He was also surprised that most of players smoked weed every night. No surprise there.


Yes, Sir, Your Friend Is A Racist

i have a question for you. my friend told me that he refuses to buy a michael vick jersey last week. I assumed this was because vick is a convicted dog-killer. I found out today, while watching the birds and vick destroy the jags, that he refuses to buy vicks jersey because "he is a fucking monday". I asked wtf a monday was and i was informed its an african american bc "everybody hates mondays". My question is does this constitute as a racist comment? If so i will end my long relationship w/ this person. Maybe im just being too sensitive. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.



I Once Knew A Girl Who Used To Go By The Name "Ballclaw"

Hey guys,

I've always loved Deadspin, and I know what type of stories or items you post.. So, I thought maybe you would be interested in a product that I have been selling for some time in the States..

About 4 years ago, I came up with a product to organize sports balls in the garage, bedroom and dens.. I have had great response and wanted to see if you would be interested. It is called the Ball Claw, which is an individual sports ball holder. It comes in 3 different sizes (Basketball, Soccer/Volleyball and Football.. Please check it out at:
I have been selling them for about 4 years, and have had great response.. "Parents Love what they look like on the Wall" and the "Kids Love using them..."
Retail : $11.99
I recently got into the October issue of REALSIMPLE, HGTV and TBS... It can be found at "THE CONTAINER STORE" also...

Would love to hear your thoughts..?

I know you must get alot of products, so if you do not respond I understand.. I just really think that parents would really find this useful in their own garages or Man Caves, etc..


Mess With The Bull, You Get The Poise

hows that garbage article working out now ?
112 rating , 6 tds , 0 picks , 2-0 in the division ....
sanchez looks JUST LIKE RUSSEL !
mark had a higher comp. % as a rookie than russell did last yr as well as a higher yrd. per pass average...
now he has more tds this yr at 70 pass attempts than russell had with 276 -
keep up the good work , you seem to really know your football ! lmao


Well, At Least There's One Female Fan

Check out your Facebook "Like" banner (print attached). Right next to the baby, the fish and the gal with potentially nice cans - a Deadspin fan whose profile pic is that of none other than Adolf Hitler.

You all must be so proud,


It Appears LeSean Shady McCoy Is Compiling His Own "Fuck List"


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