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The One Where Everyone Gets Upset About Adam And Craig James

We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


Thank You

Took this photo (above) in Dallas last week. This car was in front of me and I died when I saw the liscense plate. I stereotypically thought it was just a naive Indian doctor....but no it was a big woman. Totally has kramers assman beat though!


Craig James Hasn't Made Many Fans Since All This Happened


When are you guys going to do a piece on Craig James' total douchebaggery and ESPN''s clear James bias vis a vis the Leach situation. ESPN will not acknowledge the flurry of emails from former Tech players and current Tech coaches backing Leach and taking a shit on young James. If they're going to "report both sides" shouldn't they acknowledge Leach has massive support among the students and alumni and that a lot of folks close to program see Adam James for what he is, an entitled little shit? Daddy Craig is being allowed to play helicopter parent by ESPN while denying being a helicopter parent of an adult child. Can we get a little help?


Adam James: Entitled Little Shit


So this is going right into deleted scenes. I spent a part of my life growing up with Adam James in the Dallas suburbs (Plano to be exact). And while the victim of many an asshole coach I feel like I need to break the silence on the issue of Adam James being a total fucking douche bag. Honestly whatever that scion of a holier than fucking thou father of his (who is a fucking alum of my college) are claiming, while possibly true and disturbing, could be trumped up bullshit. In high school there was rumor that Craig James paid off the football coach for Adam to make the team. Whether or not that actually happend Adam's "carrer" was plauged by cries from his father that his son wasn't getting enough playing time. And honestly it wouldn't suprise me if those complaints didn't follow him to Tech. Now aside from having known the guy and his family (his mother is actually very nice) I have nothing but a gut feeling that while Adam may have been mistreated this whole scandal comes mostly from some complaint that pussy (Adam James) may have had about Mike Leach and that instead of being a man Adam instead complained to daddy and got the coach fired. Again no actually proof aside from knowing him but that guy and his father are two walking talking bleeding vaginas (Just like Craggs!). And even if it is all true fuck him he probably deserved it for being the whiny little bitch that he is (for being a "native Texan" he certainly did not exhibit the "toughness" that they brag about).


The Texas [Redacted Because We're Nice Guys] Offers Sound Reason And Insight On The Whole Affair

Explain your basis for Leach's treatment of James as unforgivable regarding the knowledge about concussions. Nothing that Leach did to that young man had one iota of medical impact on his concussion. I guess you ignored a doctor's statement that him being in those dark cool places, with access to seating, water and ice, were actually good conditions for his recovery. You are aware of all the facts in this? You have read emails by other players, input by team doctors? Even James' own video revealed the nature of the conditions he was in. James was not put in any physically harmful situation for one second!! If you are comparing Leach's humiliation of that poison pill to his football team to something that was done by Mark Mangino or Bear Bryant, you are not aware of all the facts. Or you are an epic sissy. By not reporting all the facts you are worse than the world wide leader. You are much more interested in promoting your Milquetoast agenda than you are in reporting the facts. That does not surprise me. Most people who write for Deadspin are good at entertaining pablum, but not real reporting skills.

Richard Gober
[Title redacted because we're nice guys]

And, of course, Craggs attacks:

Please. He was punishing the kid for having the temerity to get himself concussed. To claim otherwise — to claim that in fact Leach was deeply worried about Adam's safety and was acting for his benefit — is disingenuous crap. (If that's the case, why not let him sit?) It has nothing to do with what the doctor said, and it has nothing to do with whether Adam is an insufferable little prick, which I have no doubt that he is. Leach was punishing a player he didn't like for having an injury whose severity he doubted. That's unforgivable.

Most people who work for [redacted because we're nice guys] are good at [redacted because we're nice guys] people, but not at actually making humane and discerning judgment.


And Then There's This Completely Ridiculous Rumor

This whole Leach thing reminded me of ever hear anything about Erin Andrews and Craig James having an affair? I have a friend who's a producer for ABC/ESPN who told me about a year ago that there have been rumors of their boning floating around for a while, and she personally saw them spending a lot of time together drinking alone in the hotel bar they were staying at when covering the Rose Bowl two years ago. Also, she has long said that James is every bit the insufferable prick he comes off as. Incredibly arrogant and ridiculously insecure...always insanely jealous of Doug Flutie, who she says is one of the coolest people in the business, when they were working together.

Just throwing it out there...might want to poke around a bit.

In Case You Didn't Know, I'm The Producer For All Of ESPN's NCAA Basketball Coverage

I am not sure this email is directed to the right person. However, I am going to give it a try.

PLEASE do not ever send the crew that called the Monday night game for ESPN to Kentucky again. They appeared to be auditioning for Sport Center instead of calling the game. Other than announcing the plays of John Wall they chatted. You couldn't tell who made the shots or really what was going on. Perhaps they were bored. Who knows. We tried to turn off the audio and listen to the radio as we watched the TV but the timing was too off. I have watched many games on ESPN and will again. However this was not a good experience.

If I have not sent the email to the right person, perhaps you would direct it to the correct place.

Thank you,

Joan R.

Pat Burrell Stories Get Better With Age


I have a bundle of Pat the Bat stories for you. It's all secondhand Deleted Scenes type shit, but at the very least you should get some amusement out of them.

While down at West Chester University my buddy overheard a couple of girls talking about how the one recently hooked up with Pat Burrell. Afterwards he said this, "You got a camera? Take a picture, you just fucked Pat Burrell."

A friend of a friend's cousin apparently went out on a date with the legend on which they got absolutely shitfaced. They went back to her place and passed out. The poor girl woke up the next morning and Pat was gone, but he left something there... a steaming pile of shit.

This one is a first hand telling of the story so I believe it to be totally true. Pat was out with Chase Utley around the time when Chase first got called up. The two were sitting at a bar in Philly, Chase having some sort of mixed drink and Pat drinking a beer out of a Big Gulp cup. He was just leaning over the bar and pouring beers for himself. They leave and go elsewhere. My friend leaves with his buddy and goes to the next bar where Pat and Chase are also at. Two girls were pestering the ball players so Pat threw his drink into one girls face and Chase's into the others. The girls were thrown out and our hero's were brought a fresh couple of drinks.


Those Lacey Women Like Their Married Men

It's a family thing. Her sister (my former friend and next door neighbor) did the same thing with the man I lived with for 16 years. They are hobbiests. As it turns out, in my case it was a favor. Berson's wife will realize it too.

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