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The One Where Everyone Starts Yelling About ESPN Horndoggery

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We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...

Searching For Erin Andrews But Ended Up With Brooke Hundley

Hey Guys,

My buddy and I were at All Star Weekend, and I guess today he looked back at them and found a pic of Brooke Hundley in the background of and Erin Andrews photo he took. (PS my friend and I told her we loved her and she said Aw, thanks ... great person!)

Anyway, I was crazy picture happy that weekend so I took a look back at mine and among them are some gems. Including her essentially waiting outside the Baseball Tonight ropes for a good 20 minutes waiting for him. Anywho the ones here are her staring and waiting for him just as he's about to leave, and them walking out together.

As you can see from the outfits, it is the same exact night the NY Post photo was run.


This Man Has A Few Things To Get Off Hist Chest:

Subject: You're An Asshole

What you did today was childish and seriously damaged an innocent woman's quality of life because ESPN didn't hand you a scoop on a silver player. It reflects terribly on everyone with a sports blog. Fuck you. You're a piece of shit.

-Brian Cook

And More Complaints From The Vocal Minority

Dude, you gotta reign it in. I enjoy reading rumor/gossip as much as the next guy but what you're doing is really fucked up. Outing anonymous sources, ruining careers and families based on nothing more than uncorroborated rumors. I'm not saying the stuff you're printing isn't true — it probably is — but this is not a crusade worth fighting. I urge you to hesitate before posting another of these. Just think about what you're doing.

Have you no shame, Mr. Daulerio?

I'm sending a copy of this email to both AJ Daulerio and Nick Denton. Maybe it will go unread by both for various reasons. Maybe I am only saying something that has been heard before.

Blogs have been fighting for respectability among other media for years, and I feel you crossed the line yesterday, AJ. I've been a reader of Deadspin for years, and I used to consider Deadspin to be a trustworthy and reliable source of sports information. I think it can be argued that Deadspin has been going downhill for a while, but if it hadn't jumped the shark before, it did yesterday with the "ESPN Horndog Dossier." You openly admitted at the beginning of the dossier that you would be posting tips about ESPN scandals you had gathered for months, maybe years, yet hadn't published. You have no credible source on the stories for Kuselias, Lacey, or "importing" girls, yet you put them up anyway with reckless disregard for journalistic ethics. It shouldn't even matter whether the stories are true or not, because you have no way to know that they're true. If I sent in an anonymous email, saying that I saw Mike Greenberg slap a girl on the ass and make out with a woman who was not his wife, would that get me published on Deadspin? Congratulations on turning a once reputable blog into TMZ. I hope the spike in hits you got yesterday was worth the price of the site's integrity.

I can see how much you care about posting credible news when you say, "And since the tenuous connection between rumor and fact for accuracy's sake has been a little eroded here, well, it's probably about time to just unload the inbox of all the sordid rumors we've received over the years about various ESPN employees." Yeah, just unload any unverifiable rumor you have, smear someone's reputation, throw lots of crap against the wall and see what sticks.

I would be curious to know if Mr. Denton condones this kind of editorial work on his family of blogs. You might even have a legal issue on your hands if ESPN chooses to pursue defamation charges. Even if they don't, even if everything posted was true, posting malicious rumors as fact is reckless and sets the credibility of Deadspin, Gawker, and other blogs back years. I don't need a response to this email. I just wanted to let Deadspin and Gawker Media know what I think about the direction their product is going.


AJ, I like your site a lot. I read it everyday, multiple times a day. The recent posts about Steve Phillips, ESPN employees, etc. has been fascinating to say the least, but I just don't get it. What is your agenda? Are you guys doing this to "expose" the heinous acts of certain employees at ESPN or are you trying to post any sort of "National Enquirer" type material just to get more page views?

About 18 months ago, Will Leitch sat through Buzz Bissinger's assault on blogs. Bissinger said "with the Internet, there's too much information out there, and we've become a very mindless country. I don't know how else to say it: We really revel in ignorance and disinformation."

Was Bissinger right?

Secaucus, NJ

AJ- Not sure what you are trying to do here. Why out Kuselias and the executive, who noone has ever heard of? There are thousands of rumors coming out of there about more famous individuals at ESPN, I'm sure you've heard them all. So why go after these two? It seems kind of meanspirited, as these people have families and their statuses as public figures, especially the executive's, are tenuous at best.



I work VERY hard at resisting the urge to post comments to blogs or news stories, and equally hard to avoid writing indignant emails, but your inexplicably unprofessional tirade filled with unsubstantiated rumors aimed at destroying individual reputations and lives begs for a reaction. Rarely has a more despicable, childish, cowardly rant seen the light of day, and it's beyond belief that a blog long holding itself out as the protector of the sports' fans' best interests could commit an act even the most vulgar tailgater would avoid in his worst drunken state.

You owe ESPN an apology, and you owe every person mentioned by name an apology. It wouldn't matter if everything you wrote turned out to be true; by your own admission you didn't know for sure when you wrote it——so you STILL owe the apologies!

It's likely SOME OF THEIR CHILDREN are reading those accusations you vomited forth in your blog! IF the stories turn out to be true, their lives are topsy-turvy enough; now, thanks to you, their agony is exponentially ballooned by the taunts of classmates and teammates; their added agony debits your decency account for a long, long time going forward.

Your mea culpa needs to be front page and intense; otherwise the only people reading you going forward will be the guys calling in to the shock jock sports shows you so disdain. For now, you've made those guys look like Mister Rogers.

Please Forward To Mr. Magbary

I used to love your blog, but with the influx of non-sports related bathroom humor, I have taken it off my RSS and bookmarks. I am doubtful most of your readers would want to read about such matters, especially when it has little to do with sports. It is not entertaining whatsoever. I love edgy humor as much as the next guy, but stories about bodily functions and fluids have no place on a sports blog.


Thanks For Your Support?

ESPN reporters has become a whiney liberal bunch of corp losers, the league has TOO many thugs from welfare projects RUINING the Sport.
The league has gotten pathetically politically correct and have ruined the sport for fans.
wondered too if you planned to nail ESPN for the lack of reporting on the LARGE number of gay and bi reporters (former FtBall Plyrs) and the Long held and Widely spread rumors about the CURRENT gay players in FtBall. Ex,,Rumors for YEARS about barry sanders being gay, Steve Young being Bi, Troy Akman being gay and Tom Brady Being so Gay they edited his commercial few yrs ago taking his voice out of his own commercial,

I liked reading your blog

No, Thank You

Hi A.J.

Are you available to do an interview for Entertainment Tonight re: ESPN scandal this morning? We'd be happy to plug/mention anything you need.

I can send a crew to you or have you do the intv in our office-whatever works best for you.



And One More...Just For Good Measure

Not a daily visitor to your site, but loved what you guys did with ESPN today.

I worked for the New Jersey Nets and Devils out of college and the same shit went on there. What really resonated with me is how similar ESPN is all professional teams or sports-based businesses. One particular Marketing VP, Jason Siegel of Binghampton Athletics sexual harassment fame was the VP of Marketing when I worked for the Devils. And he was doing the same stuff there that he was accused for back in March. When that story broke, me and the guys I used to work with there all agreed it was the least surprising news of the year.

Anyway, many of the people I worked with moved on to work with other professional teams or in one case, the World Wide Leader.

This particular kid was your typical sports nerd. Nice enough guy, attractive enough to be seduced by an older married women (we'll get to that in a second) and would do anything his boss told him to do as long as he could tell people he worked for "XYZ Team" or ESPN. Well he was on the production crew responsible for covering the college world series in Omaha. I would probably say this occurred in the summer of '04 or '05. They're winding down the week and the whole crew decides to go out for drinks. A few hours later when everyone is well on their way, this guy catches the eye of a one Linda Cohn and they eventually sneak back to her hotel room...

On the ride there, Cohn couldn't keep her hands off of him and wouldn't stop saying how much she's been eying his all week and how she loves giving blowjobs. When they get back to the hotel room, she gets on her knees and says to him "I LOVE doing this!" before taking him all in.

I've never been able to look at her the same since.

Anyway, I'm sure you guys are getting tons of shit like this today. I'm obviously not going to give you names, nor do I have a way to verify this, nor do I really care. But go ahead and add this to the ESPN failure pile.

Glad I could help.


(Ed. Note #2: The above story is a joke, if it wasn't clear already.)

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