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The Only Real Way For Millen To Survive

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As our weekend cohort The Mighty MJD pointed out yesterday, the "Fire Millen" bandwagon in Detroit yesterday — the organized protest by Lions "fans" to get rid of long miserable team president Matt Millen — has reached critical mass; it's so big now that Rasheed Wallace is on board. Not only is doing well, so are and It's bad times, very bad times — not undeserved, of course.


So we were trying to figure out a way for Matt Millen to possibly save his job, since that ill-advised notion of trying to rid the world "Fire Millen" signs seemed to have backfired a bit. And we only can think of one chance for the guy: He needs to show up at his next press conference wearing a "Fire Millen" T-shirt. Seriously. It would show that he has a sense of humor about himself, it would display that he actually pays attention to his fans and, mostly, it was neuter the chorus of fans calling for him to be gone. Is it still cool to chant "Fire Millen" if Millen himself plays along with the joke?

This seems Millen's only real opportunity to save his job considering, you know, he kind of sucks as a GM.

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