Sigh. Wedding receptions—tasteful, romantic, and boring. Unless you're at the Jaquette and Perkins wedding, in which case, legendary Chicago Bulls PA Ray Clay is there to Get. You. Pumped.

The couple commissioned the former announcer ("And noooooow...your...Chicago Bulls!") to do a few pre-game introductions at their wedding party. Note the missed high-five at the 2:26 mark, and Clay inexplicably introducing one of the bridesmaids as "Five-foot-fourrrr, from Barrrrington, Illinoissss, with a bunnnnn in the oven..." Sure hope that was public knowledge.

They pretty much won the wedding reception version of six championships in eight years, and everyone did a great job not stepping on the bride's dress while she jogged around to this. That said, she'll have no one but herself to blame when groom skips out for a couple years to "play minor league baseball."