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The Pac-Man Jones/George Jones Collaboration

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Some kind of incident involving an all-terrain vehicle, Pac-Man Jones, and his neighbor, country music legend George Jones, has forged a friendship between Pac-Man and George (no relation). I expect them to release an album together very soon.

It's always heartwarming when ATVs can bring together defensive backs and country music singers. It happens so often. Like the time when Champ Bailey took his 4-wheeler for a ride and ended up getting high with Waylon Jennings behind a 7-11. Or the time when Carlos Rogers was washing his ATV in front of his house, and ended up nailing all three of the Dixie Chicks.


I love how Pac-Man's attorney goes out of his way here to make sure that people know that Pac-Man doesn't hate George Jones. This is a man who knows that Pac-Man has enough PR problems ... the last thing he'd need is a beef with a country music legend in Nashville.

"George Jones said that they are glad Pacman has moved to Williamson County and glad to have him as a neighbor and that he and his wife Nancy are two of his biggest fans," Robinson said. "They even signed some autographs for each other. There's no problem between them. They're happy to be neighbors.

"Pacman wants to be a good neighbor and he wants to get along with his neighbors. He doesn't want any problems."

I repeat, Pac-Man is not going to shoot and kill George Jones. George Jones is perfectly safe around Pac-Man Jones, who loves country music, the United States of America and white people.

To tell you the truth, I don't know anything about George Jones and I wouldn't know who he was if he was outside of my window right now, singing me a love song. According to Wikipedia, Jones has had four different wives, and if they live near Tennessee, chances are that Pac Man's spit on at least two of them.


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