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The Packers And Cowboys Finally Gave Us A Good Playoff Game

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The Packers beat the Cowboys tonight and are headed to the NFC Championship, but truly, it is all of us who are winners tonight.


Finally, after six blowout playoff games, the Packers and Cowboys kept it interesting for a thrilling 34-31 game in Dallas.

With three seconds left in the game, Packers kicker Mason Crosby drilled a 51-yard field goal that at first appeared to be headed left of the uprights, then found its way to win it for the Packers.


The Packers and Cowboys each looked unstoppable at points, with Dak Prescott playing beyond his years, thanks in large part to Dez Bryant and Ezekiel “spin move” Elliott, and with Aaron Rodgers attacking the Cowboys defense with his classic how-did-he-do-that long passes, though he threw his first interception since November 13.

The Cowboys tied it up at 31-31 with less than a minute left in the game, which prompted me to say “hell yeah, this is the good shit” out loud.

The game looked headed to overtime when the Packers struggled to get out of their own territory, until Rodgers went long to Jared Cook for a 36-yard catch that was initially called out of bounds by one ref, until another showed up and called it a catch.

The play was upheld on review, and the Packers’s field goal unit did its job, despite an icing attempt by the Cowboys.


Packers-Falcons should be a good one. Thanks, football gods.


Staff writer at Deadspin.

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