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The Phanatic's ATV Stalled Out On Him Before Tonight's Game

Werth: You're gonna need a new tranny on this.

Phanatic: A trann—

Werth: —and a carburetor. And definitely a new motorspector. This one's beat to shit.


Phanatic: [Fidgeting with hat]...yeah I...had noticed that one. Totally beat to shit.

Werth: When was the last time you had a tune up?

Phanatic: [googly-eyed] I don't really know, it's actually my dad's ATV, I was just using it.

Werth: You need a tune up. New brakes, probably, too.

Phanatic: What about the headlights? Headlights are in pretty good shape, right?

Werth: [looks sideways] Yeah, headlights are alright. Listen, I figure I can fix you up and get you going by Wednesday, no problem.


Phanatic: Oh, that'd be great.

Werth: Between parts and labor, we're looking at 5 big ones.

Phanatic: [wrings sweat out of fur] Five...Dippin' Dots helmets?

Werth: Five grand, chief. Get you running good as new.

Phanatic: It's just...they don't actually pay me.

Werth: Your choice, bud. [motions to crew] Just put it over on the side for now.


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