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The Piggyback Bandit Has Found A New Stomping Ground

Newer readers, or those with faulty memories, may have forgotten about Sherwin Shayegan, better known as The Piggyback Bandit. Let us remind you.

The Piggyback Bandit is a 31-year-old man (his mother says he has Asperger’s) who likes to jump on the backs of high school athletes. Seriously. Sometimes he tries asking, sometimes he tries paying, and sometimes he just goes ahead and does it. He’s received attention from school officials and the police for doing this in Washington, North Dakota and Montana, Minnesota, and Iowa, and Grantland’s Bryan Curtis even wrote a profile of him two summers ago. Since then the Piggyback Bandit has not been heard of, until now.


According to the Fauquier Times, Shayegan was arrested Wednesday in Maryland for assault and battery committed on Sunday in Loudoun County, Virginia. Police say he “grabbed the arm of a juvenile victim and attempted to have him go into a locker room at the hockey rink” during a high school game at a local ice rink.

Meanwhile, the Faquier County (Virginia) Sheriff’s Office are investigating the Piggyback Bandit for his actions the next night, when he entered the Kettle Run High School locker room during a basketball game. He was also up to one of his old tricks, pretending to be somehow officially involved in the game:

According to a release from the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, Sherwin Shayegan was standing behind the opposing team’s player’s bench at Kettle Run High School Monday night, representing himself as a team manager. He was seen providing water and folding team jerseys.


The Sheriff’s Office says they are trying to determine “why he was there and what he was doing,” but we’re pretty sure we know.

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