The "Play Tebow!!" Billboard Is Live In Denver

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The "Play Tebow" billboard is now up on I-25 and 58th Avenue in Denver, and it is comically simple. It is a digital thing, which is fancy, but otherwise it appears to have been devised by a middle school yearbook committee.

The guilty party, though, is actually Mohammad Suleiman, the owner of a store in Denver and of the site, which we will not link to here because we refuse to be his tool, goddammit. Denver's KDVR spoke to Suleiman after the sign lit up yesterday:

The sign is the brainchild of Mohammad Suleiman, who works in a merchandise store in north Denver. He says he was fed up with Orton's ineffectiveness near the goal line and decided to use his store's electronic billboard to push for a switch to Tebow.

"It's still early in the season to be frustrated, but I mean fans are asking for Tebow. Why not give us a little dose of him?" Suleiman says. "If we can be heard, if we can reach the Broncos staff and make some change, that would be great."


Far as we can tell, Suleiman opted for three separate screens: "BRONCO FANS TO JOHN FOX: PLAY TEBOW!!;" "Fox: Welcome to TEBOW-LAND;" and one with an image of The Messiah in his Bronco jersey, which is, one would think, almost certainly illegal. Suleiman's brother, Tariq, told Fox that if the billboard convinces Fox to start Tebow, then Mohammad is "a genius."

Sure: A genius who uses multiple exclamation marks and caps-lock for emphasis and who may have just subjected himself to a copyright infringement case. Let's hope Kyle Orton eggs this thing.


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