We're rather excited to have the NBA back, not just because it's a gorgeous, chaotic bit of organizational improvisation, but because it reveals just how dorky looking white people are.

Few people look dorkier than the gawky white NBA player, and Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes has compiled a list of the particularly egregious offenders. You won't be surprised to see several Dukies on there.

Mike Dunleavy Jr.- The question I always used to ask about Jr. was "did somebody take a shop vac and suck the skin and muscle tissue out of his face?" He looks very creepy and kind of like Skeletor. However, not to be biased solely on his looks, but he was very easy to despise in his playing days at Duke.

But, of course, now he has facial hair, so he's badass. Other fellow travelers include Danny Ferry and the whitest guy of them all, Shane Battier.

Why Is It So Easy To Hate These Guys? [Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes]