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The Post That Will Probably End Up Jinxing Them Again

Well, we know we're going to get yelled at for saying this, but we can't deny the facts, jack: The Tigers look like they're not gonna be beaten by anyone, in either league. Before the NLCS has even had a chance to start yet — more on this later — the Tigers have sucked the life out of the A's and the ALCS like a grizzled, mustachioed, Olmos-faced manager pounding down some Winstons before taking questions for Thom Brennaman.

Yes, folks, the Tigers have that look, that 2004 Red Sox look, or 2005 White Sox look. The look of a team that is absolutely going to stomp everyone. We know that's an incredibly bizarre thing to say about a team that's named the Detroit Tigers, but they just won two games on the road and now have a chance to clinch a trip to the World Series in their own park. We would have never imagined it.


By the way, it is distressing to feel like you're a baseball fan, like you pay awfully close attention to the sport that you love the most ... and then some guy named Alexis Gomez knocks in four runs and you've never heard of him. At least it wasn't Neifi Perez.

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