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The PR Guy From Some Ultimate Frisbee Team Knows You Saw Their Brief Highlight Clip That One Time

Professional ultimate frisbee is now a thing. The eight-team American Ultimate Disc League held its season opener last weekend, and the league is doing all it can to get the word out. This afternoon, we got an email from a PR guy with the Indianapolis AlleyCats, and while it's the standard sort of promotion that ordinarily wouldn't catch our eye, this paragraph did:

You may know the AlleyCats from the April 17th edition of ESPN Sportcenter's Top Ten Plays. Coming in at number 6 during the heat of the NHL playoffs and NBA playoff races is no easy feat but it gives you an idea of just how exciting this sport, new league and AlleyCat team truly is. One would imagine an upstart league and team couldn't get that kind of national exposure in just one game, but after already being featured on ESPN2's Sportsnation earlier in the day, there AlleyCat team captain Brodie Smith was, sandwiched between Boston Celtic Rajon Rando and Arizona Diamondback Chris Young.


Oh, right. Of course. Those guys.

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