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Illustration for article titled The Pro Bowl May Survive For Another Year Of Uselessness By Moving To New Orleans

Just when it looked like the NFL was ready to do right by the Pro Bowl by putting it down, at least for next year, the league has decided to reconsider its attachment to pointless all-star football.


The Times-Picayune has confirmed that the future of the Pro Bowl is on today's owners' meeting agenda, and the Superdome's general manager also told the paper the league has asked that the stadium be made available on the Sunday before next year's Super Bowl, which will also be in New Orleans. The NFLPA even issued a statement calling the Pro Bowl an "important tradition," adding that it was "in talks with the league to improve and preserve the game for our players and fans."

Yes, but why? The game is an obvious farce. The NFLPA's only real interest is in who gets selected, since that's what affects contract bonuses; actually playing the game accomplishes nothing, except to put players at risk. Maybe the answer lies in the Nielsens. Somehow, this year's game was still a solid ratings draw, helping NBC win the evening among young viewers, many of whom probably haven't been around long enough to know the Pro Bowl is crap. If there are advertising blocs to fill, nothing, not even the Pro Bowl, is pointless.

[Times-Picayune, via Shutdown Corner; photo via AP]

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