He keeps his watch at night, working the ancient machinery that signals to the public the fortunes of the times. Some call him a monster, but it is within the Monster he hides from the visitors who curse him for the bad news he brings evening after evening. Some say he has gone deaf from the vitriol unleashed upon the current manager of the Cathedral, the worshipers holding that manager responsible for losing the great fortune it once held within it.

But today's spiritual well-being (or lack thereof) troubles him not, for it could not match the sorrow he feels for the one who abandoned him; Manny Esmeralda, his flowing locks and eccentric Gypsy behavior ringing the bell of presence for the only soul who dared understand the keeper. If only his countenance were more acceptable, his demeanor more pleasant, or his reputation untarnished, The Keeper might have stopped the execution by King Selig. Quasimodo knew the claims of performance-enhancing witchcraft were false; indeed, he knew Manny Esmeralda's urine like his own.