The Queen Of Queens

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America's Sideline Princess became America's Baseline Princess, spending most of last night's Citi Field opener giving fans an extensive tour of the new ballpark, while slack-jawed yokels stood idly by and tried not to drool.

This was just one of several shots from the Mets-Padres broadcast where Erin Andrews revealed the charms of the sparkling new stadium as young men hovered near her painfully attempting to play it cool. You can almost see the thought bubbles above their heads, most of them saying some variation of, "Omygodthat'sErinAndrewswhatdoIdo?" Even the cat that ran on the field during the third inning was more calm and collected.

Oh yeah, the cat. The Mets lost the game and a Padre hit a home run in the first at bat, so even though the cat wasn't black I'm pretty sure that means the team is cursed forever.


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