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Illustration for article titled The Rangers Lost A Game Because Of The Punk-Ass Sun

With the scored tied at three in the bottom of the ninth, Rangers reliever Jason Grilli was in a bases-loaded, two-out jam. If he could get Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain out, the Rangers would escape to extra innings and keep their hopes at winning the game alive. Grilli got Cain to hit a catchable ball into right field, and that’s when the sun decided to be a huge dickhead.

Shin-Soo Choo tracked the ball, but the brightness of the sun was too much for his glasses and glove to overcome, and he dropped what would have been a game-saving out.


Cain thanked the sun for gifting him a walk-off hit during his postgame interview, but he shouldn’t feel too guilty about how things played out. He had to spend the day waging his own battles against the bright, rude star.

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