The Real Ronaldo Decides To Call It A Day

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The Spoiler was just a whipper-snapper when Ronaldo first came to our attention and he absolutely blew our tiny little mind. He was unbelievably strong, quick and skilful — he's what Jonah Lomu could've been if he'd not lived in New Zealand and made the right life choices.

Today he announced his retirement from football by saying:

"The head wants to go on but the body can't take any more. I think of an action but I can't do it the way I want to. It's time to go."


It's a rather muted end for the three-time world player of the year but he will always be remembered as one of the greats.

It's easy to reduce a player's career down to statistics — especially if they happen to be a striker — but in Ronaldo's case it's probably more inappropriate than most.


Yes, he's the top goal-scorer in World Cup history, scored a hat-tick at Old Trafford and scored X goals in X games BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. But it's the way he went about it that was truly bloody fantastic.

He could go around players, go through players and was as good a finisher as you'd care to see. But he also played with a smile on his face and he still seems to thoroughly enjoy his life — we'd definitely send him a Valentine's card.


Ronaldo, you can enjoy your life of yachts and models safe in the knowledge you were one of the greats.

Above is a video of our favourite Ronaldo moments. The first one is after 30ish seconds and the second one immediately follows — two goals that summed up the early part of his career. He bloody destroys them.


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