The Red Sox comeback, Roger Angell'd: " Postgame reappraisals among a panel of TBS television experts were divided about whether the key blow had been a two-out, seventh-inning single by Dustin Pedroia, which brought home the first Sox run, or Drew’s terminating knock, against closer J. D. Howell. This sleep-deprived fan will hold out for the ten-pitch, eighth-inning at-bat of the Boston center fielder Coco Crisp, whose stance begins with his chin oddly propped on his front shoulder, in imitation of Junior Griffey. Crisp’s relentless, unflustered five foul balls, four of them in a row, looked like the expert chisel-tappings of a celebrated safe cracker before the great underground door swings open. His single tied the game and foretold its end." [New Yorker]