The Reds Auctioned Off A Ball Covered In Jeff Samardzija's Blood

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I don't know why you'd want this unless you planned to clone Jeff Samardzija, but hey: we don't judge.

Two weeks ago, Samardzija sliced open his hand trying to grab a comebacker. He pitched to a few more batters before the trainer came out to clean him up, and pitched effectively—maybe because the blood gave the ball a little extra action? "I was hoping the umpires didn't see it," Samardzija said.


The Reds auctioned off one of the bloodier balls, a foul off the bat of Zack Cozart, who would loop into a double-play on the very next pitch. The auction closed this morning, the winning bid a cool $130.01, with the proceeds going to the Reds' charity fund.