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The Redskins Are Getting Mollywhopped Again

If not for a bizarre James Jones fumble directly into the pylon, the Redskins could be down even more than the 24-0 halftime score. As it is, so far this season Washington has been outscored 50-7 and given up 695 yards in the first half. For the second straight week, Robert Griffin III looks like a shell of himself. What's going on?


The endangered species that is the Redskins optimist would point to their opponents—the Eagles and Packers, two of the most explosive offenses in the league. Washington had the third-worst passing defense in the NFL last season, and didn't do much to fix the problem. It's tough to get an offense going when its defense can't get off the field.

It's fair to wonder about Griffin's mobility, though. He's taken just one sack, but appears quicker getting rid of the ball even when no one's open. An aversion to contact, or even just a fear of scrambling? In the first half he's 7 of 15 with one INT. The second half just started—let's see if he can salvage a decent day like he was able to against Philadelphia.

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