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The Redskins Lose Two Players To Pre-Game Collision [UPDATE: Now With Video Of The Collision]

Welcome to Redskinspin! Seriously, though, this is worth it. The Skins will be without safety Brandon Meriweather and receiver Aldrick Robinson against Tampa Bay this afternoon after the two collided with each other during pre-game warmups.

Meriweather's left knee hit Robinson in the head as Robinson bent over to pick up a ball in the end zone, according to people who were on the field at the time of the incident.

Meriweather, who was initially listed as probable after missing the first three weeks with a strained MCL and PCL, gingerly walked off the field. Robinson also walked off slowly to the locker room, eventually.

The sense of haplessness in such a bizarre pre-game incident is made all the more Bad News Bears-y since it all took place, according to the CSN reporter, right in front of that weird pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium. And Rex Grossman's continued presence on an NFL roster, of course.


Update (4:33 p.m.): Here's actual video from Fox of the collision.

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