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The Rehabilitation Of Jim Leyritz Continues Apace, One Minor League Promotion At A Time

Get out your autograph books, kids — it's Legends Sunday at the Newark Bears' ballpark, and guess who'll be there! Why, none other than Jim "Jimmy" Leyritz, the legend on trial for vehicular manslaughter!

The promotion amusingly refers to Leyritz as a former Newark Bear, which, strictly speaking, is true. In 2001, he played in 19 games and hit a legendary .296. The "Jimmy" is an especially nice touch. The diminutive form is always good for taking the edge off vehicular manslaughter.


This appears to be the second stop on the Jim Leyritz Redemption Tour, the first being Dan Le Batard's warm shoulder. I'm not entirely sure that an independent-league ballpark in Jersey is the wisest choice, especially for someone who was recently said to be suicidal, but, as the man told Le Batard, he's all about "reintroducing the truth every day." He'll get plenty of truth in Newark.

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