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The Relatively Short Goodbye Part II

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Goodbye, cruel internet. Again.

First off, big thanks to Daulerio and the Deadspin team for having us on board. You guys took a huge risk associating yourselves with us – we are very disreputable people, and if you're not careful, you may tarnish the carefully constructed image Deadspin has, as the classiest place on the internet.

Hopefully, we did a good enough job that you were all entertained, and thus will achieve our real goal: guest-editing Jalopnik.

If you've enjoyed our time here, please watch the season two premiere of Parks and Recreation, tomorrow night at 8:30 on the National Broadcasting Corporation. There won't be any references to UZR, but there will be gay penguins. Which is something.


If you did not enjoy our time here, then watch the show out of spite. That'll show us.

Thank you all again for the links and support over the last four years. And as Steve Phillips might say: [Incomprehensible nonsense.]

dak, Junior, and Ken

Hi. It's A.J. We now will return to regular programming. (I know. So sucky!)


Barry P is putting on his nightgown and stocking cap for you late night dwellers. Me? I'm going the fuck to bed because if I ever see another bold html tag again I might hang myself with my own sweat socks.

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. And FJM. And Parks and Recreation. And Pepsi Max. And Obamacare. And lawn gnomes. And jaunty caps. And the logging industry. And The Replacements. And Trapper John, M.D. And the lo...

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