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The Revamped Cavs Won Again And LeBron James Lost His Voice Again

Photo: Michael Dwyer/AP
Photo: Michael Dwyer/AP

The new-look Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-112 on Tuesday, two days after stomping the Celtics in their first game with a new roster, thanks to, apparently, LeBron James yelling instructions at his teammates.

Larry Nance, who had 13 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks last night, appreciated the orders.

“It’s hard to miss a defensive coverage when you’ve got somebody behind you yelling it for you,” he said, per ESPN. “He sees everything on the court, offensively and defensively. Offensively he can tell where to go, no matter what position. So he’s been integral to my joining the team, but he’s not probably the best player of this era. He is.”


James said after the game that his voice was hoarse again from the “all-time high” communication.

“... It’s on me to make sure the new guys that come in. I make sure they fit in and make it as seamless as possible. That’s my job. This is the third game in a row my voice is gone. And so, I’m just trying to have the communication at an all-time high for us, for the new guys and for the rest of the guys as well.”

It’s working. James scored 37 points, J.R. Smith appears to know how to shoot again, going six of nine from the three-point line, and the new faces—Nance, Rodney Hood, and Jordan Clarkson—all scored in the double digits coming off the bench. Keep yelling, Bron.

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