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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Meet Ken Orndoff of Hoover, Ala. When he wanted to set a record and heard a local fish food place wanted to show its Gulf oysters were fresh, something clicked. Plus, there was $25 on the line.

Dollar signs and eternal glory in his sights, all Ken had to do was eat 403 raw oysters. No matter what. Here's the video.

In case that wasn't exactly clear, Ken got a good number down (399) before succumbing to the body's natural reaction to being bombarded with hundreds of bivalves. Not one to call it quits, Ken took the oysters he had vomited from the trash, put them in a cup, and choked them back down before proceeding all the way to number 421. Ken had done it.


When it was all said and done, Ken kissed his beautiful wife. Right on the mouth.

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Alabama oyster eater sets record; you just won't believe how [Mobile Press Register, via; video and captions via Mobile Press Register]


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