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The Royal We Is Back, And So Are We

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If you were wondering what a man looks like after a 12 1/2-hour flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile, to Toronto to New York City — particularly when his luggage is still in Toronto, presumably being delivered by mounties this evening — this is what he looks like: Haggard, but full of spirit, hope and vigor!


Yep, sorry, kids, but we're back, and jeez, we kind of missed a lot. The Buzzsaw fired their coach, Javon Walker is covered in blood in a story that we can't believe no one else has picked up on, Mike Tyson is all coked up, Bobby Knight's dancing on Dean Smith's aboveground grave and there appears to be an issue with some sort of cheerleader. Those are always fun.

We're still digging out from under a cavalcade of emails, so expect the site to be alternately repetitive and groggy the rest of the afternoon. We can't possibly thank The Mighty MJD, Michael David Smith, J.E. Skeets and A.J. Daulerio enough; the site has been kind of amazing the last week or so, and we just hope to keep up the level of quality of punnery.

We're so happy to be back; we missed you.