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The Ryan Leaf Movie Will Probably Be Just Like "Brian's Song"

What you just saw was the trailer for Leaf: An Almost True Story. I read the article at Football Outsiders three times to convince myself that this wasn't a joke. But it's not. Leaf: An Almost True Story is happening sometime next year.

I understand that you might not share my enthusiasm, but I'm more excited about this than I was the news of the Will Ferrell ABA movie last weekend. Full disclosure: I was a huge Ryan Leaf fan. I'm not kidding. I remember beaming with pride on the day he was drafted; my heart filled with glee that the Chargers had the reckless, doesn't-give-a-damn, cocky prick instead of the polished, safe, say-the-right-thing golden boy Peyton Manning.


And then he ruined every one of my Sundays for about three years. Looking back, my judgment on the Leaf/Manning situation might've been a little off.

But yes, independent film maker Tim Carr is making and starring in the Ryan Leaf movie. The other subjects he considered were Maurice Clarett, Jeff George, George Best, and Billy Ripken. At least Leaf won this one for me.

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