The Sad, Sorry Last Days Of Brett Favre

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We probably should have seen this coming: Now that it's pretty much obvious to everyone on the planet that Packers quarterback Brett Favre should retire before he shows up in a Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals jersey, Emmitt Smith-style, Favre is going on one of his typical passive-aggressive PR offensives.

The Sports Frog calls bullshit, reminding everyone how Favre can't handle not being in the headlines and predicts — accurately, we're sure — how Peter King will inevitably write a story about "getting all quivery in his loins about [Favre] on a tractor in Mississippi."

In case we have forgotten, Favre's having the worst season of his career and is challenging for the most interceptions since the AFL/NFL merger. But he is gritty. We have to give him that. We look forward to his next press conference, in which he sniffs, "OK ... well, sigh, I guess I have to go ... you can't stop me ... nobody wants me around anymore, guess I'll have to retire ... nobody try to stop me ... hey, anybody gonna stop me?"


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