Last season’s Hard Knocks brought us Vince Wilfork showin’ off that bod underneath some overalls, Brian Cushing chucking, and a solid Macho Man impression. The latest team to bring us training camp fights, barfs, and hopefully those two at the same time could be the New Orleans Saints. According to a report from Pro Football Talk, New Orleans is getting ready to be on the show this year.

Per a league source, the Saints are bracing for the possibility of the league tapping them on the shoulder and directing them to be the subject of the annual Hard Knocks series.

As PFT notes, there are only seven teams that are eligible to be forced onto Hard Knocks by the NFL: the Bills, Saints, Chargers, Rams, Raiders, Jaguars, and Bears. Everyone else either has a new coach, has made the playoffs in one of the last two seasons, or has been on the show in the last ten years. Sean Payton is reportedly near an extension to remain in charge of the team, and despite his objections to the show’s overdramatization, he won’t have a choice in the matter.

But even he would have to admit that it’d be funny to watch Cameron Jordan replicate Wilfork’s overalls gag.

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