The Boston Celtics are set to host their second game seven of the playoffs, having successfully defended home court in each game of the post-season. If the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to buck the trend it's going to take a special performance from LeBron James, or at least some help from the referees. Boston is favored by eight, but Kevin Garnett will settle for anything that keeps their incredible season going. Continue after the jump for updates on the action once the game is underway.

Image via Yahoo! Sports.

• That intro music makes me want to drown puppies.

• I hope Ben Wallace doesn't pass out. Finally, basketball.

• I'm pretty sure the big Brazilian just took nine steps.

• The first quarter is wrapping up and, hey, Damon Jones!

• Boston controlled much of the quarter, but the fightin' LeBrons came right back at them. 18-13 after one...FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!

• LeBron leads the Cavs with nine points, while Pierce scored eight for the team that isn't losing. Garnett added six rebounds in the quarter.

• Thanks to Mike Breen we now know that Mr. Potato Coach's son is the reason Damon is getting court time.


• Eddie Fucking House! Boston's lead is extended to 10.

• When KG is fouled from behind while in the air he gets up and goes to the line, as opposed to LeBron, who acts like he's stabbed. He and Drogba must be related.


• Jesus finally got off a shot, good for him.

• Hey another push in the back on the break. Paul Pierce just got stanchion'd.

• Heading into halftime and the Celtics are still up double digits.

• Piece and LeBron are the leading scorers, but Eddie House is getting all of the Leslie Visser love.


Image via Yahoo! Sports.