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The Seventh Floor Crew Takes Over The NFL

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At the end of the first round of the NFL Draft on Saturday, the defending NFC champion Chicago Bears drafted tight end Greg Olsen. If you don't recognize Olsen's name, you can hark back to the halcyon days of November 2005, when Olsen dropped some beats as a member of the Seventh Floor Crew. (He's not the only one; the Panthers drafted fellow member Jon Beason.)


He had some clear skills in the land of lyrical flow.

"(Whats your name?) G-Reg. (What you do?) Get head. (How you do it?) Drop my drawers, let her see my third leg. Chillin' on the 7th floor, I gotta let these chickens know Big Greg is in the house, and I'm gonna to make these hoes choke. On my balls, on my dick then I bust a nut quick. On her face, on her chest, stick my dick between her breasts. Come on fellas, let's get weird. Stick your dick up in her ear. While I'm laughin at these guys, a second nut all in her eyes. (Wait a her eyes?) In her eyes."

We've always loved the Seventh Floor Crew — "Multiply that bitch up and you get my dick size!" — and are pleased one member is taking his skillz to the land of the Super Bowl Shuffle.

(What's your name?) Will Dawg! (What you do?) Clock hos! Or something!

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