How about those Sixers? it was only a few short months ago that the team was in a completely understandable death spiral, thought to be rebuilding, being encouraged to dump its expensive players to stock up for the future. And now? Well, the Sixers are on the cusp of miraculously making the playoffs. And although their play on the court illustrates this fact, what's even more telling about their revitalized relevancy is former California gubernatorial candidate, former porn star and former Celebrity Rehab-er Mary Carey took a liking to one of them at an NYC nightclub the other night. According to Page Six, Carey went over to a table full of Sixers, spotted one she like and "wrapped her legs around him and made out with him in front of clubgoers. "

Unfortunately, Sixers PR maestro Mike Preston isn't returning any of my calls to answer who the lucky/possibly diseased player is.


My money's on Reggie Evans. He looks like he'd be into gals like her.

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