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The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Dog Very Casually Completing An Agility Course

The purpose of the Westminster Dog Show’s agility course is to find the quickest dog, but that’s not why Winky the Bichon Frise participated. Beautiful, sweet Winky just wanted to take in the sights at a casual pace. For Winky, there is no timer but the timer of life.

Winky, a dog that cannot be rushed, will stand at the apex of the ramp. Winky will wait for the crowd to get raucous. Winky will traipse through the weave pole, miss a few steps, and accrue faults at a hilarious rate.


Great work, Winky. You did it. We’re all so proud of you.

For comparison, here’s Gabby, a hyperactive Papillon, taking the eight-inch class title with a blazing time and an impeccable performance on the weave pole segment. Full of energy, that one.

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